Responsible Innovation.

TSI is an equipment manufacturer based in the Seattle area of Washington State in the US. We manufacture process equipment for the highly automated plants typical of today’s Engineered Wood and Biomass Industries.

We specialize in a few specific areas — Dryer Islands, Torrefaction and Finishing Lines. Dryer Islands cover that part of the process concerned with the drying of wood chips or flakes and is a key part of the production of such products as Wood Based Panels or Wood Pellets. A Dryer Island typically includes the Heat Energy System, Dryers and Emission Control Equipment. TSI is one of very few companies that offer all this equipment from one source.

Finishing Lines are the systems that convert Wood Based Panels from the Press into a cut-to-size, graded and packaged product ready for market.

We recognize that productivity is paramount to our clients. The company motto – Responsible Innovation – reflects our goal of bringing innovative designs and solutions to the industry but in a responsible manner by using incremental improvements or new, but proven, components to increase performance or develop new applications.

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