Emission Control Systems

TSI manufactures emission control systems specifically designed for dryers. Each dryer will have some form of cyclonic separation and this may be all that is required. For larger systems, or in areas where it is required, more sophisticated systems are available. These include Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (Wet ESPs) and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs). Wet ESPs will remove the vast majority of particulate from the exhaust gas stream, while RTOs destroy volatile organics and other gaseous pollutants in a system that has high thermal efficiency.

All these systems are original TSI designs built around the specific project and performance requirements. This concentrates the technical and commercial responsibility for system performance to one source.

Elements Include:

• High Efficiency Cyclones

• Abrasion Resistant Construction Available

• Quench Ducts

• Wet ESP – Upflow and Downflow designs with Condensing Tube Bundles

• RTOs with Saddle or Structured Media; options for Catalyst and Stainless Steel Construction